The guest house is a private property, outside person visits are not accepted. The host undertakes to respect and to restore the place, inside and outside.Children will be monitored by their parents.The calm and serenity are in order. Pet’s are not allowed. All degradation and robbery will be charge to host and obligate to compensate the proprietary. It is stricly forbidden to smoke in the room : law of 01/01/2008.

ARRIVAL:Between 5 PM and 7PM.
If you arrive later inform the proprietary.

DEPARTURE : The room must be liberate after the breakfast no later than 11 AM, the day of your departure.

BREAKFAST INCLUDE:The breakfast is served between 9 PM and 10PM. For any particular application, thank you to inform me of your arrival.

HOST TABLE : On reservation according to occupancy, could you inform us the day before or the moorning. The meal from 8 PM.
30 euros per adult
12 euros per children

POOL AND SPA :The towels of your rooms are prohibited. Please thinking at your towels of beach.The shower is mandatory before to go the pool or spa. You have outside shower next to the pool.

SECURITY : Attention to not slide around the pool and in your room.We disclaim all the responsabilities if there is an accident.The spots are forbidden for the children not accompany by the parents.
The pool hours : between 8AM and 8PM. Respect the guest !!
We have an electric fence around the garden.

PARKING:We have a parking inside the house. After 10 PM the car must be to stay outside to keep the calm.

RESERVATION:The reservation becomes firm when the proprietary receives a deposit corresponding to 50 % of the total amount of the stay.We need to return a contract signed , you have one week.
The balance payment will be on your arrival.Any benefit extra will be a charge directly on the same day.Our price no includes taxes. All reservation will be confirmed by mail or post.

CANCELLATION:Any cancellation must be communicated by registered letter or by mail. A) Cancellation before the biginning of stay, before 30 days, the deposit stay to the owner.

Less 30 days, the deposit stay to the owner and can ask you the totality of stay.
B) If the guest not arrived at 7 PM the expected date, the contract becomes void and the owner can have their rooms, the deposit stay to the owner and can ask you the totality of stay.
C) If shorten stay, the owner keep the amount payed.

INSURANCE : You need to have a liability insurance. Wee are not responsible if civil accident.

La Maison du Castellet WELCOME